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SRPR Laboratory Grant Funding

The SRPR Laboratory has current and past grant funding!

Current Funding:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Pilot Innovation Grant (PRG-1-108-23)

Title: Piloting Stress Control as a universal, community-based suicide prevention strategy in the U.S. (Student Co-PI: Sarah Sparks)

Role: Co-PI

Status: Funded 2024 – 2026

Direct Cost: $46,000

Indirect Costs: $ 4,000

Total Costs: $50,000


National Institute on Aging (1R15AG080446-01A1)

Title: Reducing suicide risk among aging informal caregivers of persons with AD/ADRD: Adapting, implementing, and evaluating Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills training interventions (MPI: Jonathan Singer, Ph.D.)

Role: MPI

Status: Funded 2023 – 2026

Direct Costs: $ 299,807

Indirect Costs: $158,898

Total Costs: $458,705

Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium (TCMHCC), Federal American Rescue Plan Act (U.S. Department of the Treasury)/Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Title: Family Intervention for Suicide Prevention in Primary Care within a Zero Suicide Framework (Co-PI: John Cooley, Ph.D.)

Role: Co-PI

Status: Funded 2022 – 2023

Direct Costs: $1,445,126

Indirect Costs: $93,276

Total Costs: $1,538,402

Past Funding:

New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center, Rutgers University

Title: Examining the Link Between Gun Storage Practices and Attitudes, Masculine Gender Norms, Threat Sensitivity, and Suicide Ideation Among U.S. Uniformed Law Enforcement Officers (Student Co-PIs: Julianne Cary, M.A. & Michael LeDuc, M.A.Ed, M.A.)

Role: Co-PI

Status: Funded 2023

Total: $4,650

Pearson Clinical Assessment/University of Minnesota Press, Test Division

Title: Understanding under-reporting of suicide risk: The MMPI-3 Validity Scales and Scores (Co-PI: Paul Ingram, Ph.D.)

Role: Co-PI

Status: Funded 2022 – 2023

Material supply donation: $5,400

American Psychological Association, Early Career Grant to Support Community Workshops

Title: Improving community supervision outcomes with psychologically informed best practices (PI: Ashley Batastini, Ph.D.)

Role: Co-I

Status: Funded 2020

Total Costs: $2,505

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