Current SRPR Laboratory Projects

The SRPR Laboratory will often have multiple ongoing research projects and collaborations with other research groups.


Some of our current projects are listed below:

  • Examining interpersonal factors and psychopathic personality traits as risk factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

  • Testing the roles of substance use, criminal justice involvement, and belonging in suicidal thoughts and behaviors.


  • Conducting a program evaluation of a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training program among police officers focusing on police interactions with individuals in a suicide crisis.


  • Testing psychopathic personality traits, substance use, and moral emotions in relation to suicide ideation among individuals enrolled in a pretrial diversion program.


  • Validating and establishing the clinical utility of an assessment of interpersonal hopelessness.


  • Investigating the relation between treatment-seeking behaviors and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

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