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Research Initiatives

Much of Dr. Mitchell's work thus far has utilized the interpersonal theory of suicide and an ideation-to-action framework.


New research initiatives within the SRPR laboratory will center around gaining novel insights and an in-depth understanding related to suicide risk among high-risk populations. Dr. Mitchell's work will also focus on the identification of risk factors specific to high-risk populations,  longitudinal designs, and upstream suicide prevention efforts. This research aims to improve the prediction of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, suicide risk assessment, and the effectiveness of intervention and prevention efforts for high-risk populations.


Dr. Mitchell is especially interested in:

  • Short-term changes in suicide risk during critical high-risk periods.

  • Causal mechanisms underlying suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

  • Assessment of suicide risk factors and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

  • Translating suicide research into practical clinical tools.

  • Upstream suicide prevention efforts.

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